Ann Davenport
B: 1696, Pamunkey Neck, Kang and Queen County, VA
D: 1782, Spotsylvania County, VA
Father  Davis Davenport
Mother: ?
Married: Thomas Graves
Our Child: Eleanor Graves

From Caswell Count Roots Web page

  • Name: Ann Davenport
  • Sex: F
  • Birth: ABT 1696 in Pamunkey Neck, King and Queen County, Virginia
  • Death: 1782 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia
  • Reference Number: 2588
  • Note:
    Two of the daughters assigned here to Ann Davenport were actually from the first marriage to Mary Perkins. It is not presently known which ones those are, although they are probably Rosanna, Louisa, or Mary, since those are the only ones whose approximate date of birth is not known.

    Graves, Ann Davenport [daughter of Davis, wife of Thomas Graves] participation in the Revolutionary War: Provisioner, Continental and State Troops, Spotsylvania County. [Ann died concurrent with the end of the War in 1782, at or near 88 years, per Graves Bible record.]

    Of Ann's fourteen children and multitudinous grandsons there were many who served
    Virginia during the Revolution in the Continental Line, State Troops, and/or County
    Militias, in public offices or as providers of food, fodder, guns, and such other supplies
    required to keep soldiers in the field. No attempt has been made to identify descendants of Thomas Graves and Ann Davenport by their Revolutionary postures, and such a task has not been undertaken by Graves genealogists to our knowledge except as to individual lines in qualifying for memberships in the DAR or SAR.

  • The information below provided courtesy of Joyce Hetrick

    The wife of THOMAS-5 was named ANNE, probably DAVENPORT. [One researcher thinks ANNE’s surname was Clark and that she was born about 1696.] She survived him, as noted in his will. We presume that she was the mother of his children by the fact that she was left "so much" in the will which was dated October 17, 1767, and probated June 6, 1678. THOMAS-5 lived a long and apparently prosperous life, being about 77 years old when he died.

    According to an entry in the Graves Family Association Newsletter, ANNE's parents were possibly WILLIAM DAVENPORT and ANN WOODRUFF. At this time, this author has no confirmation of this source, but it might be a place to start looking.

    One group of researchers descended from THOMAS-5 through his daughter, Eleanor, who married Thomas Kimbrow, state in their conclusions that THOMAS had a "first wife" named Eleanor, and that ANNE DAVENPORT was a second wife. No distinction was made by those researchers as to which children belonged to Eleanor and which to ANNE. Presumably, the daughter, Eleanor, was from wife Eleanor. I have been unable to ascertain the source for this conclusion, so it is given simply for "information" purposes only to assist any further research.

    Children of

    Thomas-5 and Anne [Davenport?] Graves

    Captain Thomas Graves-1; John-2; Thomas-3; John-4; Thomas-5; John-6; Ann-7

    1. JOHN GRAVES-6, was born about 1712 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia; and died about 1792 in Caswell County, North Carolina. He left no will, but his estate is of record in Caswell County naming his widow and most of his children. He probably had two wives, the name of the first one being unknown.

    1. Thomas Graves-6, who was probably the second son, born by 1721, died in the fall of 1801 in Fayette County, Kentucky, where his will is of record. His wife was Isabel, the daughter of William Bartlett and his wife Susannah [Crozier, Spots. Rec. p. 30]; “With no known challenges, Thomas-6 has been placed as a son of Thomas-5 Graves of Spottsylvania Co. b. about 1691; M. Ann Davenport. Specifically supporting this connection is the article by Mrs. P. W. Hiden in Tyler’s Magazine v. 19, #3 176ff, esp 183-4, and Brodie’s Southside Virginia Families, v.1. 205-206….both of these are sound for generations 6 and 5, and Mrs. Hiden’s for generation 4.”…Brodie incorrectly identified the father of Thomas-5 as the John who married Susannah Dickens… [From a letter by Theron L. Smith, Ft. Worth, Texas, May 2, 1992, to Lt. Col. Clifford H. Pohl, USA Ret., Cincinnati, OH, used with permission.]

    1. Rice Graves-6, born about 1729, died in Louisa County, Virginia, 1814; his wife was Jane Young. [Graves Family Association, Vol. 15, No. 89, pg 100.]

    1. David Graves-6, died about 1808, possibly in Shelby County, Kentucky. His wife was named Agnes.

    1. Richard Graves-6, was probably born about 1725, and married about 1750.

    1. Solomon Graves-6, born about 1723, may have moved to Surry, later Sussex County, Virginia, where he resided until his death. His will was probated 1785; his wife’s name was Sarah.

    1. William Graves-6, born 1724; took the oath of allegiance in Henry County, Virginia, in 1777. His wife’s name was Mary.

    1. Susannah Graves-6, married Col. William Pettus in 1759. Her husband bought some of the Spotsylvania land of her father from the estate.

    1. Eleanor Graves-6 was married by 1747 to Thomas Kimbrough and moved to Caswell County, North Carolina. Thomas Kimbrough died in 1777 and in his will [Caswell County] lists his children and his father in law. [See the TURNER connections.]

    10.Daughter, given name unknown, may be Katherinne, married William Lea.

    11.Daughter, given name unknown, married Thomas Pulliam.

    12.Daughter, given name unknown, married John Spencer.

    13.Mary Graves-6, married a Mr. Campbell.,

    14.Jonathan Graves, was also thought to be a son, probably died about same time as his father.

    Will of Thomas Graves-5

    Written October 17, 1767, Probated June 6, 1768

    I THOS GRAVES-5 of Spots County thru the abundant mercy and goodness of God the weak in body yet of a sound and perfect understanding and memory do make ordain and constitute this my last will and testament as followeth. In primis, I commend myself and all my whole estate to the mercy and Protection of almighty God, etc. I will and ordain that the funeral of my body be only such as shall beseem a Christian at the direction of my Exors. hereinafter named. I 1end to my beloved wife ANNE GRAVES for and during her natural life two Negro slaves Daniel and Margery. I also lend to her all my tract of land whereon I now live in Spotsylvania County, likewise one third part of the profits arising from my mill, she paying one third part of repairing the sd. mill. I also lend my said wife one-third part of my stocks of cattle horses, hogs, etc. I also lend my said wife all my stock of household and kitchen furniture during her life and after my sd. wife's death my will and desire is that what I have here lent to her be equally divided amonst all my then surviving children or the heirs of such as shall be dead. As I have already given part of my estate to some of my children and nothing to some of the rest, my will and desire is that those that have not received any first be made equal with those that have received. Then the remainder of my estate both real and personal of whatsoever kind or wheresoever it lives be equally divided amonst all my surviving children, or the heirs of such as shall be dead. Son Thos. Graves, son in law Wm. Pettus and my nephew Joseph Graves. exors. Wit: Francis Meriwether, Jas. Smith, John Graves, Jr.[6?,] Jos. Smith, Dr. Wil1iam McGeehee.

    THOMAS'-5 widow, ANNE, outlived her husband about 14 years. During the American Revolution she furnished supplies to the Continental troops. Her name appears among the service claims of Spotsylvania County [Archives Division Virginia. State Library & M R Patriot Index.] She was obviously well supplied with the wherewithal to survive her widowhood in some comfort. It was apparent, though, that her sympathies lay with the Revolutionary forces. ANNE died about 1782, before the Revolution was entirely over. Several of her sons and sons in law fought actively with the Revolution, as well as several grandsons.

    After ANNE's death, for some unknown reason, final settlement of the estate was not made until 1802, nearly 20 years later! By this time, their son JOHN-6, who was first executor of THOMAS'-5 estate, was himself dead. Final payment was made to JOHN's executor.

    End of Joyce Hetrick segment

    As Joyce stated above, she has no concrete proof of the Parents of Ann Davenport, or indeed if her last name is even Davenport for sure.  My searches on produced the following results which have not been confirmed or verified in any way.  I include it as a place to start should anyone decide to research this line further.

    Ann Davenport Family Tree