Davis Davenport
Born: About 1660
Father: Richard Davis - Gentleman of Upper New Kent King and Queen County, VA (died after 1735)
Mother: Ann Davenport 
(likely an indentured servant)
Our Child: Ann Davenport 

From Caswell County Gen Website
Davis Davenport

The Davenport family researchers have placed many of their findings at The Pamunkey Davenports Website. There they speculate that Davis Davenport was the bastard son of Richard Davis and Ann Davenport. Richard Davis, Gentleman, was from Upper New Kent, King and Queen County, Virginia. Ann Davenport was likely an indentured servant on an adjoining plantation. Both Richard and Ann were associated with adjoining lands within five miles of where Davis Davenport first appeared in Virginia records in 1696.

First found cited as a plantation and landing owner in a 1696 survey on
Mattaponi River in Pamunkey Neck, then in King & Queen County and within the
Chickahominy Indian Reservation. Listed with son Martin in King William County
(King & Queen before 1701) Quit Rent Rolls of 1704. Last found identified as
Martin’s father in Martin’s will recorded in Hanover in 1735.

Source: The Pamunkey Davenports
Descendants of Richard Davis, including Davis Davenport and Ann Davenport.