Ada Ladonna Spaulding
Born: 1902, Indiana
Father: David Spaulding
Mother: Mary Miller Spaulding
Married: Edward Bencik  abt. 1919
Our Child: Anne Lorraine Bencik
Other Children:
John Bencik born 1920 married Evelyn
Edward (Dude) Bencik born 1926 married
Arthur David Bencik born 1923 married Marge
Mary Bencik born 1925 drowned as a child
Anne Lorraine Bencik born  1929 Married Fred D. Smith
Margie Bencik Born Married Richard Dyke

Ada was the first daughter of David Spaulding and Mary Miller Spaulding.  in 1910 they, together with Ada's siblings, brother Eliza and sister Violet, lived in Jennings County, Bigger Townhip.

1910 Census shows David and Mary Spaulding and children Ada, Eliza and Violet

Sometime after 1910 David Spaulding died and widow Mary Miller Spaulding married Jesse Rutledge.  Jesse and Mary had one child, Charles Rutledge.

Ada married Edward Bencik in 1918, at the age of 17, in Indianapolis. by 1920 Ada and her husband Edward were living with her mother Mary Miller Spaulding Rutledge and her husbad Jesse Rutledge.  Also  living in the house where Ada's sister Violet Spaulding and brother Eliza Spaulding, and Mary's father and Ada's grandfather, 67 year old John O. Miller.  Also living in the house was Charles Rutledge, the son of Mary and Jesse Rutledge.

1920 Census shows Ada living with new husband Ed Bencik in Jesse Rutledge household

A couple of oddities to note on the 1920 Census.  Notice that Jesse Rutledge is listed as Head of Household, Mary as wife, Ada as a daughter and Eliza and Violet as step-daughters.  Could Jesse have possibly known Mary before Mary married David, then got back together after David died?  Probably not, but it makes one wonder.  That same census also lists Eliza as a male step-daughter, so maybe the census taker was just wacko.  The 1910 census establishes that Eliza was indeed a Male son. Fred Smith told me he remembered a brother of Ada called "Elzie".

By 1930 the Soda Shop had become a Grocery Store.  Ada was still living in ther same house with Edward.  They now had children John(10), David(7), Mary(5), Edward(4) and Anna(1).  Youngest daughter Margie would not be born until 1934.

1930 Bencik Census

Sometime after the birth of Margie in 1934 Ada separated from Edward Bencik. 

Married: Charles Hanson
Child: Charlene Hanson

Ada married Charley Hanson.  They moved to California and lived there until about 1956, when they moved back to Greenfield, Indiana.  Charley Hanson opened a Grocery Store in Greenfield, IN a short distance from where Adas mother, Mary Rutledge, was living. 

Ada and Charles Hanson had one daughter, Charlene Hanson.

Ada died from leukemia in 196?

Ada shown with sister Violet, mother Mary, and half brother Charles Rutledge