Edward Bencik I
Born: 1900, Hungary (Chechoslovakia)
Died: Nov 1976, Indianapolis, IN, Buried: Holy Cross Cemetary, Indianapolis, IN
Father: John Bencik
Mother: Theresa Kobza Bencik
Married: Ada Spaulding  1918
Our child: Anne Lorraine Bencik
Other Children:
John Bencik born 1920 married Evelyn
Edward (Dude) Bencik born 1926 married
Arthur David Bencik born 1923 married Marge
Mary Theresa Bencik born 1925 drowned as a child
Margaret Ladonna Bencik Born 1934 Married Richard Dyke

There is differing information on whether Edward Bencik was born in the United States, Detroit, Michigan or Pest, Hungary. The 1920 Census  indicates that John immigrated in 1893, and Theresa in 1897, which would mean that Edward Bencik would have been born in Detroit, MI, as he had always claimed..  The 1930 Census indicates that John immigrated in 1902, with Theresa and Edward following in 1908, and listing Edward Bencik birthplace as Hungary.

I tend to believe that the 1930 Census is correct.  If the 1920 census is correct, that would mean that John came to the United States in 1893 when he was 17, then Theresa came and joined him in 1897 at the age of 16. I believe the dates and information on the 1930 Census to be more accurate because they seem more logical.  If anyone has information confirming the arrival dates I would love to hear from you.

Edward Bencik entered America through Detroit in 1908 at the age of eight.  His father John Bencik of Hungary (later to become Czech) married Theresa Kobza of Pest, Hungary in 1900.  John had sailed to America ahead of them, arriving through Detroit in 1902.

Edward married Ada Spaulding when he was 18 years old, likely in 1918.  Ada was the mother of all of Edwards children

The 1920 Census shows Ed living with his wife Ada in the Jesse Rutledge household.
Edward lists his place of birth to be Michigan on the 1920 Census, but we know this is not true.  His father, John did not arrive here until 1902, and Ed and his mother Theresa didn't arrive from Hungary until 1908.  Edward was working at the Iron Foundry as a laborer in 1920, at the age of 19.

The 1930 Census clearly shows that Theresa and Edward arrived in America in 1908.  This census lists Johns birthplace, and his parents, as Czechoslovakia.  This is due the the fact that the newly created Czechoslovakia was formed partly from what was the part of Hungary John and his parents were from.  The place of birth for Theresa and her parents is Hungary, as in 1920.  Edward shows his true birthplace of Hungary, and his father from Czechoslovakia and mother from Hungary.  It also shows the birthplace of the father of all of his children as Hungary. 

By 1930 Ed Bencik was the head of household.  In the 1930 Census Edward lists his place of birth correctly as Hungary. Edward lists his occupation as shipping clerk for Auto Body Corporation.  The 1930 Census also lists all of Edwards children except Margaret, who wouldn't be born until 1934.

Eward raised his family in the same house that his father had once used as a Bar and Soda Shop.

Edward and Ada divorced, and Edward later married Pauline ?

Edward worked for the Sheriff's department for a number of years.

Edward loved to smoke cigars.  He was a dedicated Republican, to the point of having portraits of Eisenhower and Nixon hanging in his living room.  I remember Pauline had a large collection of elephants that she was quite proud of.