John Kimbrough
B: 1661, VA
D: 1743, New Kent County, VA
Father: John Kimbrough?
Married: Elizabeth Bradley
Our Child: Thomas Kimbrough

From Caswell County Family tree
John (born c. 1661) immigrated to America with his parents when he was just a young man. He was 37 years old and Elizabeth Bradley was 35 when they married. A family history written by Mr. Robert B. Smith states:

1600's - John Kimbrough, the colonist came to Port Tobacco, Maryland in the 1600's as a very young man from Wales, via London, England and Captain Cook's ship. He was accompanied by his two brothers, Marmaduke and Thomas; Marmaduke was killed soon after arrival, and there is no record of Thomas, so it is assumed that he died of natural causes in Maryland.

John Kimbrough II (Jr.); possibly born ca 1661 some where in the British Isles; may have died 1743, New Kent County, Virginia

This is a good record of John Kimbrough, Jr., although Mr. Smith wrongly assumed that he was the immigrant, not his father. This is clear proof of the parenthood of John, and the fact that his father was also in America. Both Johns were active in the Saint Peter's Parish, in New Kent County,VA. Several mentions are made of John, Sr. and John, Jr. When John Sr. gave the land and timber for the building of a new Church, John, Jr. was on a list of Contractors and Builders. A notice after the title reads, "The list gives the names of the more important contractors and builders (and workman other than mere day laborers mentioned in the Vestry Book)." Another entry in the vestry book states, "To John Kimburrow, Jr. and Jam. Babbitt, Lawyers, but to Lye in Major Merriwether and Capt. Child's hand as Supervisors of the Chapell till the work be done, 2659 C.C. 272....$2931"

About 1698 - He was married to Elizabeth Bradley, daughter of Thomas Bradley, who was a member of the VA House of Burgesses and owned a plantation near John Kimbrough I in New Kent Co.

1743 - John is thought to have died in Hanover County, Virginia at the age of 82. A family research paper written by Bryce Tidmore mentions a will probated in 1750.

His will was probated in 1750. The will was found for John in 1765 in Louisa Co.-- This doesn't sound correct but is what Kathy McCowan has on her chart.

Sources: Kimbrough Family Newsletter; Kimbrough VA13 KKGQ III,3,15-21, ms Ardery