Henry Turner
B: 25 Sep 1721, Culpepper County, VA?
D: 9 Dec 1809
Father: Samuel Turner?
Mother: Sarah Beavins?
Married: Nancy Kimbrough
Child: Susannah Turner

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HENRY was born September 25, 1721. He may have been born in the area that became Culpepper County, Virginia. We know he lived there shortly before his move to Caswell County, North Carolina, probably during the early part of the Revolution. [Family Bible of James Kimbrough and Nancy Turner.]

HENRY TURNER-1 moved his family to Caswell County, North Carolina, sometime after June, 1776, and before June, 1777, when he is listed in Book A, page 15, as present at the estate sale of Joel Nowel, along with Thomas Kimbrough, Sr. The county was formed in May of 1777 from lands formerly in Orange County.

The children of Henry-1 and Ann __?__ Turner

  1. Henry Turner, Jr.-2, born before 1755, [listed as over age 45 in 1800 Census], died 1812. This is about the only fact about this man not in contention by various researchers.

He may be, and probably is, the man named Henry Turner who married Nancy Kimbrough, daughter of Thomas Kimbrough, Sr., the man who died in 1777 leaving a will naming Henry Turner as his son-in-law. Some researchers think it is Henry Jr. that married Nanny Kibrough. Others think it is Henry Turner Senior and that ANNE Turner is this “Nanny Kimbrough.”

If Henry, Jr., was born as late as possible in this age range, he would have been born in 1755 when his father was age 34. Since he was probably one of the older children, he may have been born several years prior to 1755.

  1. James Turner-2, born October 9, 1756, was a Revolutionary soldier, and died May, 1835. He had three wives, two of whom were Lucy Pleasant and Catherine W. White. James moved to Williamson County, Tennessee, about 1808. James-2 may have been named for James Finney, his father’s friend and “brother-in-law.” He may be the “James Turner, constable” referred to in a deed dated September 17, 1800, in which HENRY transferred lands to “James Turner, Constable” “being the land which Henry gave to James and the part he purchased of John Turner.” [Kendall, Caswell County Deeds, pg 213.] This transaction is mentioned in the will of HENRY.

  1. John Turner-2, born about 1760, married Sarah Kimbrough-iii, the daughter of John Kimbrough-ii and his wife, Mary, on February 14, 1787, in Caswell. Sarah died and he married Catherine Cheeks Butler. John Turner left Caswell about 1800 for Wayne County, Kentucky, [Ibid.] where he remained until about 1825, then moved to Williamson County, Tennessee. He was murdered with an ax by a 16-year-old slave named Charlie in 1830. Charlie was hanged for the crime. He had daughters, Delilah and Nancy, named in his father’s will.

  1. Frankey [Frances] Turner-2, married Richard Martin on October 25, 1783. From this marriage date, we may estimate her date of birth as around 1760 to 1768.

  1. Milly Turner-2, married a man named Jones. [Will of Henry Turner.]

  1. Nancy Turner-2, born March 18, 1764, died January 22, 1843. She married James Kimbrough-iii, son of John Kimbrough-ii, December 27, 1787. We have copies of her family Bible listing the date of her marriage, the dates of birth of her children, and the birth date of her father, HENRY. A transcription of this Bible record is found in “Kimbro-Kimbrough Genealogical Quarterly, Volume III, number 2, April 1966, pg. 20-22. This Bible was copyrighted in 1812, and dates recorded as early as the 1721 date of birth for HENRY. The author has a Xerox copy of the original records in her possession from Shirley Hern.

  1. Sally Turner-2, married Benjamin French November 10, 1784. From this, we can estimate her date of birth as between 1760 and 1765. She died August 26, 1822. Benjamin French was in Madison County, Mississippi, in 1808, which is present-day Alabama. In 1814, he appointed James Kimbrough-iii his attorney. James was living in Giles County, Tennessee. The family Bible says “James Kimbrough left Giles County first day of April 1856.” Katherine C. King, in her article, “Sally Turner, first wife of Benjamin French,” states, without proof, that Sally was the daughter of “Henry Turner and Ann Kimbrough.” HENRY TURNER-1 named his granddaughter, Mary French, in his will.

  1. William [Billy] Turner-2, died August 27, 1853. We can estimate his date of birth as about 1775. He married Ann Bartlett on December 4, 1802, in Caswell County. His daughter, Nancy Turner-3, married her first cousin, John M. Kimbrough-iii, the son of his sister, Nancy Turner-2, and James Kimbrough-ii.

  1. Thomas Turner-2, born about 1770, married Betsy Haralson October 28, 1794. He died July 10, 1823. He was probably the younger Thomas Turner listed on the 1800 census with one young son and two young daughters, as well as seven slaves.

  1. Elizabeth Turner-2, born about 1779, married Thomas Lipscomb October 14, 1799.

  1. Mary Turner-2, married John Cochran and lived in Robertson County, Tennessee, in 1816.

  1. SUSANNAH TURNER-2, mother of YANCY TURNER-3, eventually married and moved to Sumner County, Tennessee. She died after 1820. Her date of birth is estimated as 1766.

[Note: The specific birth and death dates of the above children of HENRY TURNER are from the family Bible of James & Nancy Turner-2 Kimbrough, publication date 1812, Xerox copy in the possession of the author, original owned by Mary Lee K. Harris, 1997.]

The 1784 tax list for Hillsborough, Gloucester District, [alphabetical] lists several Kimbro’s, including Eleanor [a widow], several Graves families, and HENRY TURNER, Sr., Henry Turner, Jr., and James Turner. Henry, Jr.-2, had no land listed, and was just a “poll,” though he would have been at least 39 years old that year and was probably married with a young family. HENRY TURNER, Sr. owned enough lands to supply his sons with plantations. HENRY, Sr., had 300 acres and three slaves. James Turner had 200 acres and one poll. That year, they were the only men named Turner, except for Joseph Turner and Berryman Turner who lived distantly in St. Lawrence district on lands that later became part of Person County.

The TURNERS are found on the Hillsborough District, Gloucester District, Census in 1790. Unfortunately, there isn’t any information given except the names of the head of household on the 1790 census. Two of HENRY TURNER’s sons, Henry, Jr.-2, and James-2, lived nearby. We know from deeds that HENRY-1 owned substantial land, and was probably a planter or farmer. The distinction between a farmer and planter seems to be whether or not they owned slaves, and how many. HENRY-1 owned several slaves, as did Henry Turner, Jr.-2.

Caswell County, Hillsborough District, North Carolina, US Census 1800

males females


























Henry 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 9

Turner [Jr.]

The 1800 census shows HENRY-1 owned nine slaves. Besides ANNE and HENRY in the household, both listed as over 45 years old, there were several other family members. There was not a female in the household corresponding to the age of SUSANNAH.

Henry Turner, Jr.’s household in 1800 consisted of himself, age over 45, a “wife” age 26-45, and a “daughter” age 10-16. Males were ages 10-16, and 16-26. He also had nine slaves. In 1784, he had been listed with no slaves and no land, so he had made quite an advancement in the 16 years between the two records. This census record also proves that our Henry, Jr., was born before 1755, thus making him old enough to be the husband of Thomas Kimbrough’s daughter, Nancy, in 1777.

The fact that Henry Turner, Jr.’s household did not contain any children of a very young age might tend to indicate that his wife was past child bearing and was most likely approaching the higher end of the 26-45 age range.

There were two men named Thomas Turner, one called Senior, and five men named James Turner in the area.

One James Turner, age 16-26, lived in a household with three women.

The second James Turner was over age 45, and had two slaves.

The third man named James Turner was age 26-45, had two very young sons, two young daughters, and a wife age 16-26. He did not own slaves.

The fourth James Turner was over age 45, with a wife age 26-45, had several young children, and no slaves.

The last James Turner was over 45, had one son age 16-26, a wife his own age and two female children. He owned one slave.

Three men in the county named James Turner were listed in the county records. The records in the county court designate them with the additions of the names or initials of the creeks on which they lived. James “Hico,” James “P.” and James “C. L.” [These represented the creeks on which they lived.]


About the turn of the century, SUSANNAH’s father, HENRY TURNER, Senior, started dividing up his land between his sons, as he was almost 80 years old. In 1799, deed records show that HENRY-1 gave his son Thomas-2 80 acres "where Henry Turner lives." Thomas-2 would later be the executor of HENRY’s estate. In 1800, HENRY-1 gave James-2 160 acres for 40 pounds, which included the "part purchased from John Turner-2." John Turner-2 moved to Williamson County, Tennessee, sometime about 1826 [or before]. His wife, Sarah Kimbro, daughter of John Kimbrough of Caswell, died before 1817, when her father's will was written. John Turner then married Catherine Cheeks Butler. James Turner was also living in Williamson County, Tennessee, and had moved there about 1807. In 1830, John was murdered with an ax at Hayes Creek by a 16-year-old slave named Charley. Charley was eventually tried, convicted, and hanged for murder. [Hern, “Henry Turner,” Caswell County Heritage, #734.]

Will of Henry Turner

In the name of God Amen, I Henry Turner of Caswell County and of the state of North Carolina, being very infirm in body, but sound in mind and memory, do make and ordain this my last will and testament.

I give and recommend my soul unto the hands of Almighty God and my body to the ground to be buried after Christian like burial.

After all my just debts are paid, I give unto my beloved wife Anne Turner the tract of land including the plantation whereon I now live together with half the interest of the mill and all the household and kitche furniture with the plantation tools of every kind; also three negroes, to witt; Sam, Winny and Abram, two good work horses, four cows and calves or with calf, fuor eues and lams, four sows and pigs and a sufficient quantity of corn and meat or provisions for to support her and her family and stock for the term of one year after my decease, also I give to my beloved wife my cart and sturz; all of which I give to her during her natural life or widowhood, and after her death or marriage, it is my will and desire that the whole of my perishable property not specifically divised to any of my children or grandchildren should be sold according to law, and the money arising therefrom to be equally divided amongst my heirs. Except my sons John Turner and Henry Turner.

Item; I give and bequeath to my son Billy Turner one hundred and sixty acres of land it being the tract of land on which I now live and including the tract which I gave to my son Henry Turner from whome he purchased the same. Together with half the interest in the mill aforesaid but not to … with the mill or plantation on the south side of the creek till after the death of my beloved wife Anne Turner, also eight pounds Virginia Currency to be drawn out of my perishable estate, to his heirs and assigns forever.

Item I give and bequeath to my beloved daughters Elizabeth Lipscomb, Franky, Martha, Milly Jones, and Nancy Kimbrough, sixteen pounds Virginia Currency to be raised out of my perishable estate to them and their heirs forever---

Item: I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Sally French sixteen pounds Virginia Currency to her and her heirs and assigns forever.

Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary Cochran twenty four pounds Virginia Currency to her and her heirs forever.

I give and bequeath to my grandson Yancy Turner eight pounds Virginia currency to him and his heirs forever.

Item: I give and bequeath to my granddaughter Mary French…..

Item I give and bequeath to my granddaughters Fanney Turner, Delila Turner and Nancy Turner, daughters of John Turner, the sum of eight pounds Virginia money equally to be divided between them to be drawn out of my perishable estate

Item It is my will that my property which I have not herein divided shall be sold after my decease by my executors to the highest bidder and also at the death or marriage of my wife, the perishable property which I have divided to her should be sold and after the several legacies are discharged which I have divised in money this will that the surplus should be equally divided among my following children and grandchildren to wit: James Turner, Thomas Turner and Billy Turner, Elizabeth Lipscomb, Franky Martin, Milly Jones Susannah Donoho, Delilah and Nancy Turner Daughters of John Turner which is to draw one share between them.

Item it is my will and desire that my son James Turner in consequences of a purchase made by him from my son Henry Turner by my knowledge and consent that the said James should draw two share instead of one for his part.

I constitute and appoint my sons James and Thomas Turner my executors….

Signed with his mark H

Henry Turner

May 1807
Witnessed by
William Kimbrough
William S. Webb
Will book F, pages 83-84
Probated in the December Court 1809, and Thomas qualified as executor.

The family Bible of Nancy Turner-2 and James Kimbrough, flyleaf date 1812, gives the date of HENRY’s death as “Henry Turner, Sen. departed this life December the 9, 1809.” It gave his birth date as “Henry Turner, Sen. born September 25, 1721.” Neither the date of ANNE’s birth, marriage, or death are recorded in the Bible. [Xerox Copy in Author’s Possession.]

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