Hannah Rodham
Father: Matthew Rodham
Married Christopher Neale
Children  Daniel Neale

The following provided courtesy of Joyce Hetrick

Christopher Neale-2 and Hannah Rodham

The children of Christopher Neale-2 and Hannah Rodham

Lt.. Daniel Neale-1; Christopher-2; Daniel-3; Presley-4; Anne-5

  1. DANIEL NEALE-3, born July 26, 1673, “of Cople Parish” married URSULA PRESLEY, and died December 1713. Colonial Families of the Southern States of America, page 396, incorrectly states that the father of URSULA PRESLEY is “William Presley.”

  1. Captain Christopher Neale-3, born June 23, 1671, married Jane Presley Rogers as her second husband. He served as a member of the House of Burgesses, and as an officer in the Virginia Militia and was one of the founders of William and Mary College. Jane’s former husband and she had several children. She and Christopher Neale were executors for the estates of several of her deceased children; Richard, John, and Hannah Rogers in May of 1703. [Northumberland County, VA. Record Book 22 pg. 267-269.] Jane’s Rogers children who survived and left heirs were Elizabeth, Jane, and Eleanor.

  1. Matthew Neale-3, born February 6, 1676/7.

  1. Richard Neale-3, born August 28, 1682, was “of” Lancaster County, Virginia, and served as a member of the House of Burgesses from 1712 to 1714, Militia officer, and also was one of the founders of William and Mary College.

  1. Rodham Neale-3, born October 8, 1685. A deed in 1713 mentions the wife of Rodham Neale as Anne.

  1. John Neale-3, proven as a son of CHRISTOPHER-2 by a deed in 1713 from Rodham Neale, of St. Stephens Parish, selling land to Robert Carter, Esq., of Lancaster County, 300 acres in Wicco Parish, part of 700 acres granted to James Pope, the elder, and by his son, James, sold to CHRISTOPHER NEALE, the father of said Rodham on August 13, 1691. CHRISTOPHER NEALE left the land to his sons Rodham and John, and “John is now dead and the land vested in Rodham,” the surviving brother. Does this mean that John had no children to leave his half of the land to? Since the children were mostly born in the 1670’s and 1680’s, he would probably have been a very young man at the time of his death if he died before 1713.

  1. Hannah Neale-3, mentioned in her father’s will

  1. Frances Neale-3, mentioned in her father’s will.

The birth dates of several of the children were recorded in the parish records in the county. This is fortunate for us, because it allows us to more carefully organize the many men and women with the same given and surnames, by having exact birth dates for some of the children. This also allows us to “estimate” the ages of the parents and other relations.