George Hodgson III
Born: 6 Jan 1701, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Died: 1774, Guilford Co, NC
Father: Robert Hodgson II
Mother: Sarah _?_ Hodgson
Married: Mary Thatcher  21 Feb 1729
Our child: John Hodgson IV

George Hodgson-III [Robert I, Robert II] was the eldest son of Robert Hodgson II and was born January 6, 1701 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He died in 1774 in Guilford County, North Carolina. He and Mary Thatcher were married February 21, 1729, in Wilmington, Delaware. She was born in 1712 and died in 1752. Another researcher identifies the wife as Mary Dix Thatcher. Apparently, they were disowned for eloping without the Meeting’s approval, but later their certificates were sent from Chester Meeting to New Garden Meeting in North Carolina.

George and Mary Hodgson lived in Pennsylvania until about 1750 when they moved with their family of seven children to Guilford County, North Carolina. This is about the same time that the DILLONS were moving to North Carolina.

The children of George Hodgson-III and Mary Thatcher Hodgson were: John Hodgson-IV, born August 4, 1731; Sarah Hodgson, born about 1733; Susannah Hodgson, born about 1735; Robert Hodgson, born March 11, 1738/9; Joseph Hodgson, born about 1740; and George Hodgson, Jr., born about 1744. He and Mary were received in the Deep River Monthly Meeting in 1789 [Hinshaw, pg 546]