Ann Elizabeth Thornton
B: 1716
D: 1735
Father: Thomas Thornton
Mother: Agatha Curtis
Married: James Yancey
Our Child: Bartlett Yancey

Children of James-2 & Ann Thornton Yancey

Charles Yancey-1; James-2; Bartlett-3; Thomas Graves-4

  1. BARTLETT YANCEY-3, was born in 1734 in Hanover County, Virginia, and died in Caswell County, North Carolina. He married ANNE GRAVES [7th Generation from CAPTAIN THOMAS GRAVES], the daughter of JOHN GRAVES, Sr. [6th generation from CAPTAIN THOMAS GRAVES.]

  1. Major Thornton Yancey-3 was a Revolutionary veteran and born about 1740. He died between 1792 and 1810. His wife was Elizabeth Williams [one source says Mitchell.] He was a “gallant officer” in the Revolution and a member of the North Carolina Assembly from 1778 until 1792, and in the Provincial Congress in 1776. He was one of the “movers and shakers” of the Revolution in Granville County. [Military Records, Wheeler’s History, page 85, of first series, North Carolina Records, Vol. 7, pages 702, 1768, Vol. 23, page 993, 1776, Vol. 19, page 531.]

  1. Philip Yancey-3, married Dura Hester.

  1. Thomas Yancey-3, to whom William and Elizabeth Clayton deeded 100 acres, retaining a life estate in the property for themselves.

  1. Ann Yancey-3, married Jesse Saunders, October 19, 1765, in Granville, North Carolina.

  1. Mary Yancey-3, married John Baynes and had a daughter, Nancy Baynes-4.

  1. Lewis Yancey-3, was born in 1736, married Mary Graves, and was executor of JAMES’ estate. He was not mentioned for a bequest in the will, however. He died 1819.

  1. Elizabeth Yancey-3, married James Moore, proven by the fact that James Moore bought a slave at the “family” slave auction.

  1. James Yancey, Jr.-3, is one son about whom there is some confusion. James Yancey, Jr.-3, was not mentioned in the will of his father, but the estate sale of the slaves was limited to only the children [and sons-in-law] of JAMES-2. James, Jr.-3, was at that sale and bidding; therefore, he must have been a son. In 1769, James, Jr., owned six black polls. He married Mary Ann Elizabeth Bracey, August 15, 1765.

ANN THORNTON YANCEY must have died before 1761, when two deeds list JAMES YANCEY, [Sr.-2,] and his wife, Elizabeth, relinquishing her dower on the property being sold. There is a marriage record in 1765 for a James Yancey and Elizabeth Ann Bracy. James, Jr.-3 may have been the man who married this Elizabeth Ann Bracy, however, so we don’t know the surname of JAMES-2’s second wife.