Edgar Robinson
Born: 27 May 1894
Father: Sam Robinson?
Married: Thelma (babt. 1902)

Our Child: None

Sister: Sallie Robinson

Wilma b abt. 1922
Marietta b abt. 1926

Edgar W. Robinson (05/27/1894 - ) Edgar Robinson was the brother of Sallie Robinson. He served in WWI, and was wounded. He was married to Thelma F. Robinson. They moved to Indianapolis about 1936 when Edgar got a job at International Harvester. They moved into a house at 229 S. Parker Ave in Indianapolis. About 1938 SD Smith, his nephew, applied for and got a job at International Harvester (now known as Navistar). Edgar invited SD and his wife Ammie, and his children Fred and Bill, to live with him until they could get settled. Before SD was able to find a place, Edgar had done the same thing for the Carter family, offering them a place to live until they could get on their feet and a place of their own.

Edgar encouraged SD to go to school at Tech High School to further his education to enhance his chances of advancement at International Harvester, which he did. SD would later retire as an inspector for International Harvester after more than 30 years.

Edgar took a particular interest in the son of SD, Fred. Whenever Fred needed help with his school work it was Edgar that provided it. Whenever Fred was playing a game for the school baseball or football teams, Edgar was always there to watch and encourage him. Fred would go on to retire from the National Guard as a Colonel. In Fred's own words, Edgar was his hero.

Edgar and Thelma had four children, all girls.

Wilma married Redmond Lee – They had 2 children, a girl and a boy names unknown.

Mary Etta married Bill Welch – They had no children.

Margarette – Had no children.

Amy Ruth - Prefered to go by Ruth. Marraiges and children unknown.