Charles Yancey
B: 1684, VA
D: 1745, VA
Married: Mary Bartlett
Our Child: James Yancey

From Joyce Hetrick

The YANCEY family was an old one in America, having supposedly “come to the James River settlements in Virginia with Sir William Berkeley, the new governor.” There is no proof of this, however. There is also a lot of printed misinformation about the Yancey family. There was early confusion about a man designated “Ensign” Charles Yancey. It was widely accepted that “Ensign” Charles Yancey was the father of Charles, Robert and Jeremiah, and some recorded a fourth son, Archelaus [all brothers of Louisa County, Virginia.] Later research seems to show that Charles, Robert, and Jeremiah were indeed brothers but were sons of Robert, the son of Charles and his wife.[Mary Bartlett?] The “Ensign” Charles Yancey was apparently the son of Louis Davis Yancey. [Yancey Web Site.]

Recent research, and some store journals uncovered, listing purchases by the family, indicate that CHARLES YANCEY-1 and his wife, MARY, perhaps nee “Bartlett,” resided in Hanover County, Virginia, and had seven sons. A series of articles entitled, “Accounts from the Store of Thomas Partridge & Co., Hanover County, Virginia, 1734-1756,” published in the Magazine of Virginia Genealogy in 1982 shed new light on this family.

Page 13 of the store’s journals lists Mr. CHARLES YANCEY, SR., and accounts for “your son Archelus.” Page 15 lists Archelaus Yancey, “paid your brother, Charles.” Page 26 lists Charles Yancey, “cash by note drawn by your brother, Archelaus.” And May 17th, “by cash rec’d of your brother, John.” Page 36 lists Mr. Richard Yancey in 1735. On page 43, Mr. John Yancey is listed along with “paid your brother Charles” and “Paid your brother, Jeconias.” Page 120 lists Mr. CHARLES YANCEY, SR., and “son Robert, and son John.”

From these records it can be determined that the children of CHARLES YANCEY-1 of Hanover County, Virginia, were JAMES-2, Charles-2, Richard-2, Robert-2, Archelaus-2, John-2 and Jechonias-2.

Our ancestor appears to be the CHARLES YANCEY-1, who was born about 1678 and was on the Quit Rent rolls of King William County, Virginia, in 1704 with 100 acres. He gave lands to his son, JAMES-2 in 1734 [William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 21, page 57] and he transferred a slave to his son, Robert Yancey-2, in 1745 which is the last document found to indicate that he was still alive.

Records of Hanover County record a deed dated February 6, 1734, where I CHARLES YANCEY of St. Martin’s Parish….for fatherly love….do grant unto my loving son JAMES YANCEY, my plantation where he now liveth with 125 acres adjoining…the plantation being in the upper part of St. Martin’s Parish…at Stephen Pettus’ corner…John Garland deceased…Edward Garland deceased. Witness A? Tery and William Burrus.” The lands given his son, Archelaus, adjoined the lands given to JAMES and were listed on Horsepen Branch.

Some of the YANCEY families lived near the GRAVES and Turner families in Virginia and may have intermarried with them.

Children of Charles Yancey-1


  1. Robert Yancey-2 lived in Louisa County, Virginia, and died prior to 1746. He left a will that mentioned his wife, Temperance, a daughter, Martha-3, and his sons, Charles-3 and Robert-3. His wife was Temperance Dumas, a daughter of Jeremiah Dumas

  1. Richard Yancey-2 sold his land in Louisa County in 1753 and moved his family to Mecklenburg County, Virginia. He made his will August 24, 1768, and it was probated in 1781. Louisa County was approximately the same lands as “St. Martin’s Parish, Hanover County.

  1. Archelaus Yancey-2 died in 1764. He had a son named Stephen-3 who was reportedly executed for murder. His will is recorded in Louisa County in Will Book One, page 62, and is dated May 4, 1756. It was proven in 1764. CHARLES-1 had transferred lands in Hanover County to him in a deed dated August 7, 1735.

  1. Charles Yancey-2 may have married a Miss Dumas.

  1. John Yancey-2 was a son of CHARLES-1 as determined from the store accounts.

  1. Jechonias Yancey-2 was also a son of CHARLES-1 as determined from the store accounts.

  1. JAMES YANCEY-2, was born about 1712, lived in Hanover County, Virginia, prior to 1753, and married ANN THORNTON in the 1730s. CHARLES-1 transferred land to him about 1734. About 1752, JAMES-2 moved just over the state line to Granville County, North Carolina. He served in various capacities in Granville County including Justice of the Peace in 1769, and Sheriff in 1774. He, or his son by the same name, was Captain of Militia in the regiment commanded by Colonel Richard Henderson. JAMES-2 was the executor of his brother Richard-2’s estate. JAMES-2 lived in the northeast part of the county. JAMES-2 bought 1,280 acres of land for 70 pounds from Robert Jones in 1752. Later, he bought an additional 1,280 acres and took up additional lands in Surrey County, Virginia, which he transferred to his son, Thomas Yancey-3. His land was located on the border of the two states, and about 25 or 30 miles from the county seat.

JAMES YANCEY-2 took his oath of allegiance to the Revolution on May 22, 1778, as an elderly man in County Line District, along with James Yancey, Jr., Lewis Yancey, Philip Yancey, and William Yancey. In 1769, he owned eight black polls. [North Carolina Colonial and State Records, Vol. 5 page 592.] William Howard Norwood, in his Genealogy of Yancey-Medearis and Related Lines, says on page 109, that “James Yancey, was a Captain under Colonel Richard Henderson of Granville County, NC. He was mentioned in Muster Roll of 1771 along with Joseph, Charles, James, and Lewis Yancey under command of Colonel Richard Henderson. ” The “List of Officers from Granville Co.,” lists “General Thomas Person from Granville, along with Colonel Thornton Yancey and Captain James Yancey.” This author is not sure if the “Captain” was James Yancey, Jr., or JAMES YANCEY, Sr. If it were JAMES YANCEY, Sr., then he would have been quite old, or at least in his mid-60s.