William Loyd Smith
Born: 12 Oct 1924

Died: 1949, Indianapolis, IN Buried: Holy Cross Cemetery, Indianapolis
Father: SD Smith
Mother: Amie Myrtle Holmes Smith
Brother: Fred Dwight Smith

William Smith, aka Bill or Dickie, was the first child. He was 4 years older than Fred but they were best of friends. A funny story Fred told was when they were young Bill and Fred slept in a room that was adjacent to the room where their parents slept. Bill told Fred to yell “Stop digging those taters in there and get up and fix some breakfast”, which he did. SD didn't think it was so funny. When they returned home they found that their beds had been moved upstairs.

Once when Bill did something bad, Amy made Bill go out to the peach tree and cut the switch she was going to use on him. He went and got the switch and gave it to her. When she hit him with the switch it immediately broke into pieces from where Bill had put notches in the branch. Amy couldn't help but to start laughing, and told him to just get out of here.

Bill was the first of his immediate family to move from Sumner County, TN to Indianapolis, IN when he came to stay with his Aunt Pauline (Amies sister) in 1937.  Bill got a bicycle delivery job, and his parents SD and Amie and his brother Fred joined him and stayed with uncle Edgar Robinson shortly thereafter.  After they got settled in, the family moved to 321 S. Rural St. in Indianapolis.

  Although Bill was thin and weighed maybe 160 pounds, he worked as a bouncer in one of the roughest bars in Indianapolis, the Hollywood bar.  It turned out to be a bad choice of jobs though.  Bill died in 1949 when he was "accidently" shot in a bar on the east side of Indianapolis.

Photo of Bill taken in 1948 outside his home.
Bill Smith